innovation in community health solutions

Terrapin Advisors supports key organizations that provide education and family-oriented outreach to promote health and wellness, especially to younger populations. Innovative strategies are a must; only through aggressive, bold innovation do we believe true progress will be made. 

Our firm has identified priority organizations for inclusion our community health solutions grant initiative. Selection is based on research, along with a rigorous dialogue and analysis around the following set of questions:

  • Does our support promote health and wellness to an identified, underserved population in the communities we serve?

  • Are the most talented people involved in making sure objectives are met?

  • Does the organization have any programs or events that teach health and wellness to a younger population? To families? Are new strategies deployed? Is the organization willing to take risks, piloting new projects with small, fast trials to fail and learn quickly?  

Organizations receiving funding include:

  • Children's Mercy Hospital
  • University of Kansas Hospital
  • Stowers Institute for Medical Research
  • Greater Kansas City YMCA
  • Ronald McDonald House

In addition to family wellness and healthier living, this grant making program also includes, from time to time, support for leading causes of national significance in health care. Pillars of excellence will continue to receive support, as described above.

 As is the case in evaluating causes to receive support, engagement is an important factor in selecting causes. The Brink Family Foundation’s team evaluates the following:

  • Does the organization offer community corporate executives an opportunity to meaningfully participate in the governance of the organization through a board of directors seat or other leadership position?

  • Does the organization create opportunities for increased visibility and impact of game changing companies in the marketplace?

  • Does the organization or event create opportunities for local business employees to participate in meaningful community engagement experiences, harnessing the enthusiasm of employee-led volunteer and fundraising efforts?