success in the arts through a social impact pilot project

Terrapin Advisors is honored to work with the Brink Family Foundation. The Brink Family Foundation just released the results of its recent grant to support arts in schools. The Foundation funded a study called Color My World. Enjoy the summary of the terrific results. 


To extract perceptions about the value of social impact in driving loyalty to a brand, we recruited thirty-four women in the Greater Kansas City area with one or more children under the age of eighteen. They were asked to complete a 10 Ways to Do Good drawing and painting exercise with their children designed to celebrate the good the families were already doing—regardless of the causes supported. Following the exercise, mothers were asked to participate in a brief online tutorial about the 10 Ways to Do Good. 

At the conclusion of the study, we asked three questions:

1. “If there were products on the market today that helped you engage with your family in one or more of the 10 Ways to Do Good, would you be likely to purchase those products?”

85 percent answered YES, they would be likely to purchase those products.

2. “Are you likely to use part or all of the material in the survey to help teach your children or grandchildren, eighteen years of age or younger, about the 10 Ways to Do Good?”

100 percent answered YES. 

3. “Do you feel like you have a better mental picture of the day-to-day activities that are part of your overall social impact—how you are making a positive difference in the lives of other people?”

91 percent answered YES.

Wow. With numbers like that, it only made sense to go deeper with sixty-minute individual interviews with participants. And the results were equally powerful.

  • “I want a company to acknowledge my current situation as it relates to social impact.”

  • “I want a company to understand my need to educate my children about doing good.”

  • “I want a company to inspire me to involve my children in doing good.”

  • “I want a company to motivate me by making it easy for me to involve my children in doing good.”

Color commentary was equally illuminating. Here were a few comments from the mothers in the study:

“I would purchase products that help me reinforce good values and morals with my daughter. I’m a single mom, so activities that are fun for her and let me spend a few minutes reinforcing our family values are very helpful.”

— Marie, mother of one girl, age 8

“A company that can help me spend time with and interact with my family is a company I want to support.”

— Christa, mother of one girl, age 5, and five boys, ages 7, 9, 10, 13, and 14

 “I was surprised at how much good we are doing as a family. Sometimes you can get burned out doing the same things. The online survey reminded me that there are many ways my kids can be helpful and do good.”

— Kate, mother of one boy, age 4, and one girl, age 8