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Welcome to Terrapin Next Gen.

At Terrapin, we're financial advisors who understand that wealth management is not a one-size fits all proposition. Of course, as you would expect from an independent RIA firm, Terrapin Advisors offers traditional financial services for the parents and grandparents of today's generation. Here, though, at Terrapin Next Gen, our Terrapin team is excited to get to know you, the up and coming investor who is building a business, a career, a family, and a life. We want to be your partner as you establish the personal financial and wealth management infrastructure to reach your dreams.

Our approach

We're different. We understand that all of the pieces of your life need to be woven together to create a strong financial and estate plan that can grow and change to serve you well at every stage of your life. Terrapin's approach and tools make it easy to get started. Terrapin's seamless, you-centered style means that our advisors work with you, side by side, as your life, career, family, business, and wealth continue to grow and flourish.

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Step 1: Connect

Relationships aren't built overnight. We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us, We'll correspond over email, via text, and by phone to learn about your priorities, style, needs, and how you prefer to work with a financial advisor. Of course you are welcome to visit our offices anytime, but we know that's not for everyone. We get it! 

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Step 2: Consult

We'll help you figure out the plan that's right for you, whether you simply need help with your 401(k), or whether you need full-service asset management. We won't sell you services you don't need. We start with you and your needs, and that's where we end up, too. 

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Step 3: Create

We build a plan that's right for you. It doesn't take months, either. We understand that when you want your financial matters to be in order, you want it yesterday! Best of all, through our technology, we can put everything together for you in one place with easy online access and state-of-the-art security. 

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Step 4: Collaborate

We know things change, Whether your plan needs tweaking once a year, once a month, or once a week, we'll be ready to answer your questions and adjust your plan at a moment's notice. When you need us, we are here. What about the other way around? We'll reach out to you as much or as little as you want. The right communication flow is a big part of what we're committed to understanding about your personal financial priorities and preferred style. 


We understand where you are. We'll take you where you're going.


Terrapin Next Gen is led by Sandy Meyers, a bright and talented up-and-coming Terrapin advisor, Sandy joined Terrapin in 2011 and has played an important role in developing Terrapin's services for your generation. Sandy and her team are backed by the expertise of all 15 advisors at Terrapin, 12 of whom each bring more than two decades of experience in wealth management to the table.

Get to know Sandy by following her on social media and learning more about her approach to work, life, community, wellness, and wealth management. Her passion for helping you build the secure and successful life you want is an inspiration.  


Making a difference is part of who we are. 

In 2010, Terrapin Advisors established a strategic impact investment practice to help our clients who want to support community organizations and initiatives. We know it's important for you to work with a firm that is committed to helping its clients make the world a better place. At Terrapin Advisors, social impact is a next gen priority, whether you're ready for philanthropy now, in 10 years, or decades from now. 


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